Sights in Sousse

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Sousse is a popular destination for travelers who want to experience the Mediterranean by exploring the beautiful Sousse Sights. Have fun at the beach or explore the Medina for excellent shopping bargains. Savor the best Mediterranean dishes offered by restaurants lining the roads. If you want the best pampering and relaxation, check out one of the large hotels with pools and excellent amenities.  

The National Museum of Sousse

At the top of the Medina, the museum occupies the former Kasbah. The museum has great mosaic collection found within the vicinity and nearby dwellings. The Roman artisans make these fine collections of mosaics and their elaborate workmanship seen among the extensive mural collection. The museum also displays various Roman statues, funeral furnishings and several artifacts from the Romans, Byzantine Christians and Punics. As you explore the little garden inside the museum grounds you might see some locals working on a mosaic, using natural colored stones.


Ribat is an Islamic monastery built in the eighth century.  It looks like a fortress with its watchtowers; walls with slits useful for shooting arrows through and the floor above the entrance have small openings used for pouring hot oil on those who managed to slip inside the monastery. Walking around the Ribat, you can see that the whole structure of the monastery made use of old Roman columns. Climb the watchtower using the narrow spiral staircase and enjoy the excellent view over the Medina, the harbor and vast sea. While at the top, find the courtyard of the nearby Grand Mosque and the impressive view of the Ribat courtyard with its beautiful porticoes.

Traditional Tunisian House

This charming Tunisian house used to be a private dwelling of a famous Tunisian family. Actually, the house became a museum when the last family member passed away. It is a delight to walk around the courtyard and explore all the rooms, including the bedrooms of the first and second wife. Pay attention to the furnishings and antiques as well as the 200-year-old curtains. Imported German clocks dating back from the 1800s are prominently displayed inside the house. The tower is an interesting feature of the house, used by the family either to watch the stars during the Ramadan or the magnificent views over Sousse.

Great Mosque

If you want some quiet amidst the city noise, visit this mosque built in A.D. 850. The mosque is almost bare except for the angular Arabic and curved arches. Its simplicity is evident everywhere; reed mats cover the prayer room instead of carpets. Nevertheless, this is a place of worship, so remember to wear appropriate clothes or you can rent green wraps to cover up.

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