Practical Information in Sousse

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Understanding some Sousse Practical Information will help you understand the quirks of this beautiful seaside city in North Africa.


The Tunisinian Dollar is the form of currency. Note that barter is encouraged while shopping and you can generally bargain your way down about 50% from the starting bid. Be aware that it is illegal to import or export Tunisian currency. No more than 300 dinar can be converted before you leave. You will be asked to declare how much dinar you have on your person before leaving the country.


You should not encounter any problems with a language barrier here, especially while shopping. Most vendors speak French, English, Spanish and German. Often you can string all four together and still be understood.


You can feel pretty safe here at all hours of the day and night. The crime rate is rather low, and even in shabby looking neighborhoods you will generally be respected so long as you exercise respect to the locals yourself.

Climate and Weather

Sousse enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. If you visit in the summer it will be hot and dry, and a winter visit will provide a wet visit with mild temperatures.

Getting around Safely

Beware of taking a taxi while in the city. They have a bad reputation of unfair pricing. Make sure you negotiate a fair price for your trip before accepting the ride, and make sure that price is all-inclusive and not per person. Make sure that you're only traveling in licensed taxis. These will be yellow in color and have a license sticker in the front windshield.

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