Nightlife and Entertainment in Sousse

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Sousse nightlife is, by far, the most exciting city in Tunisia. Sousse is nestled south of the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, and boasts not only about its tourism and economy, but also the exciting nightlife that it provides to tourists. Here are some of the best bars and clubs in Sousse where tourists can meet and mingle with the locals and experience their culture.

Hotel El Hana Beach

This place is a great way to see and experience firsthand the local culture. The hotel has a bar where you can see local belly dancers dancing their way to the local beat made by local musicians. Local alcoholic drinks such as the boukha made from fermented figs are also sold together with Vodka and other international alcoholic beverages. For tourists who want to witness local Tunisian entertainment at a cheap price, then the Hotel El Hana Beach is the best place to go to. Drinks and entertainment can cost from $5 to $15.

Metallica Discotheque

Located in the heart of Sousse, this disco is very popular among the local youths, the fact that the disco offers upbeat music, while serving local and international drinks. The bar is very casual and tourists can buy drinks for $2 to $10. This bar guarantees all-night dancing for everyone who wants to have the time of their lives in Sousse.


For tourists who want to experience real Tunisian disco, then visiting the Dreams Bar located in the heart of Sousse is a worthwhile experience. This bar is very secure and offers modern amenities and liquors. Moreover, most of the bar's crew and bartenders are female locals. Drinks in this bar can also be fetched for as low as $2 and as high as $10 depending on the drink.

The Esplanade

To experience how locals have interesting night lives, head off to the esplanade which is just a street facing the beach of Tunisia. The beach itself has a lot of stores and kiosks and open bars where locals can just sit on the beach and sip local alcoholic drinks for as low as $1 to $5.

Living Bar

This disco bar closes late in the morning and is a huge place where locals and tourists go. This secure and exclusive bar serves its drinks from $5 to $20 making it one of the most expensive and exclusive bars in all of Sousse. Although this is the case, there are still a lot of tourists who prefer this bar over others due to security reasons.

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