Festivals in Sousse

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A Flair of International with a Side of Olive Oil

Sousse Festivals are held primarily in the summer months. The largest and most notable festival, the Sousse International Festival, runs through July and August, while the smaller Sidi El Kantaoui Festival held in Hammam Sousse is held in July. The exception to this summer rule is for the December Mediterranean Olive Tree Festival. This festival is held in Kalaa Debira. Festivals are a central part of the way of life in all of Tunisia and you'll find it is no different in Sousse. People here get very excited for these festivals, especially the International Festival.

Sousse International Festival

The festival is widely known as having a parade with the most elaborately built floats in all of Africa. The International Festival is also known for traditional African food and dance. The parade and festival happens concurrently with Sousse Carnival. You'll find local artists and vendors here. You can also count on many concerts from symphonic orchestras during the event. As many other cities around Tunisia celebrate forms of the International Festival, this event is truly one of the largest in the country.

Mediterranean Olive Tree Festival

As its name would suggest, this festival specializes in olive oil. You can taste samples of fresh oil. You can find fresh olives and trinkets made from olive wood. There is also song and dance typical to the region at this event.

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