Beaches in Sousse

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Sousse beaches are one of the most popular places for tourists, given the crystal clear blue waters and fine sand. Many of the beaches are places where families can enjoy a nice picnic. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Main Boujaffar Beachfront

As you walk along the long stretch of white sand along Boujaffar Beach, you will also find high-rise hotel buildings alongside. Everyone here gets to enjoy the clear blue waters and white sand at this beach. This beach is a great place to enjoy a picnic with your children.

The Promenade

The Promenade has a long stretch of white sand and the beach is great for sunbathing. You might want to just ignore to locals going around selling all sorts of items, or you might even want to see what they sell and pick up something. Nevertheless, it has a great view and access to the clear blue sea where you can soak in, and not to mention, the nightlife that comes alive in the evening. You can have an extended beach party from morning to night at this beach.

The Coralia Club Palm Beach

This is a private beach where you will find peace and serenity when you bathe under the sun. This beach is by the Coralia Club Palm. If you have had enough sun getting a tan and are well-rested, you can spend your energy by enjoying the water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing or sea fishing that is available at or near the beach.

Occidental Allegro Abou Sofiane

This beach in Hamman Sousse, it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches ever discovered in Tunisia. It has long stretches of fine white sand and the clean crystal clear waters are sure to entice you to take a dip. This beach is perfect for families vacationing with kids because the crystal clear waters are shallow and not dangerous for children.

Hammam Beach

Hammam Beach is perfect for wandering around and getting your feet wet because the water may not be cool enough to dive into and the water is a bit cold here. You can still enjoy a nice picnic with your family. If you are staying at a hotel, you can ask the hotel to pack a picnic basket for you to enjoy with your family, or you can also pick up some food at the restaurants nearby.

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