Bars and Cafes in Sousse

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There are many Sousse bars and cafes you can enjoy while you are in Tunisia. You can choose from a number of different cuisines and try some of the best cultural dishes.

Ribat Café

The Ribat Café is a great spot to enjoy a light meal with drinks. The local dish called brik is served along with many other favorites. The cafe's prices are affordable. There are a lot of menu options to choose from depending on the type of cuisine you enjoy. There is a nice sun area where you can relax and take in the great scenery.

Café des Nomads

There are specialty vegetarian dishes served at this café, and you can enjoy the meals in the dining area or you take your drinks and food to the roof terrace to enjoy the city lights. This is one of the more expensive Sousse bars and cafes that you will find in the area. If you do not mind paying more for your meals and want a lot of variety, you can enjoy the food and drinks at this café.

Café at the Kabash

The Café at the Kabash is a great place to get a small meal and beverages. The prices are affordable, and you get a lot with each meal. You can also stop by for a variety of coffees to enjoy and relax in the café or outside.

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