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Accommodation in Sousse

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By Kristen Lyne

Sousse is a friendly city with warm people everywhere, just like the staff at these Sousse Hotels. The town is rich in history, with many  museums and monuments open to the public. The beautiful beach is a gem for travelers, and it is always a delight to explore and walk around the city. After a tired day, book the night in one of the hotels for a peaceful sleep.

Friendly and Accommodating Staff

The Marhaba Palace Hotel is just five minutes away from the city and is close to almost all the local shops and services. If you are traveling with your kids, this is the perfect hotel for your family. The hotel has both an indoor and an outdoor pool where you can relax all day on the loungers. The kids will enjoy swimming in the pool, and you can order their favorite crepes at the pool bar. The staff is constantly on their toes to entertain the children. You will love the massage at the spa, even if it is your first time. The rooms are cleaned everyday with satisfactory results. The food is delicious, and even kids would love the variety of dishes the hotel offers. The average rate per night per room is $95.

A Romantic Grand Mediterranean Hotel

The Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse will amaze you with its elegant and stunning main lobby, decorated with skylights, fountains, large windows, and artificial palm trees. Two bars are located just off the main lobby, and a nice terrace with magnificent views of the pools, the beach and the sea is perfect for an afternoon of relaxation. All rooms are spacious and comfortable, especially for senior travelers. Swim all day in the massive swimming pool, or take a dip in the heated outdoor saltwater pool. The main restaurant serves excellent buffet food, and the variety is enormous. The hotel can arrange for sports activities like windsurfing, sailing, or renting canoes or pedal boats. Rates start at $155.

A Nice Hotel for Less Money

If you want a simple, nice hotel with enough activities, then Le Marabout Hotel is the right choice. The rooms are simple but have the basic amenities like satellite TV, shower, heating and air conditioning. Children will enjoy the outdoor pool, complete with water slides, and you can spend the day on the beautiful beach. The hotel staff organizes activities like soccer, beach volleyball and children's games. Wooden sun beds and umbrellas are available if you just want to sunbathe. You can walk across the hotel for bars and entertainment or spend a quiet evening walking to town. Room prices start at $50 per night.

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Chams El Hana

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The hotel is situated in a palm grove, on the lovely Sousse's beach next to the medina. Its modern architecture and interior decor makes the pride of one of the most chic hotels in Tunisia.

type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
address:Route de la Corniche - 4001, 4001, Sousse
CostOfDoubleForANight:USD 38-138