Sidi bou said Travel Guide

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Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said

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Sidi Bou Said is a charming North African ghetto that exudes an exotic Arab-African fusion culture and woos visitors with its mystical traditions and a beautiful surrounding bay. The Sidi Bou Said Travel Guide offers visitors information on the general features, attractions and accommodation options of this quaint Tunisian town.


Sid Bou Said is located in the northern faction of Tunisia, approximately 20 kilometers from the Tunisian Capital Tunis. The town is popular amongst curious tourists for its heavy cultural and deeply mysterious appeal. Sid Bou Said has been named in honor of a popular Muslim religious figure who inhabited the town for long. One of the most notable and striking features of the town is that the colors blue and white are used in almost all the structures in Sid Bou Said. Several visitors avoid staying in the town and do it only as a day trip from other adjoining tourist towns like Hammamet. The best way to reach the seemingly unreachable land is to take a TGM train to La Marsa from Tunis.

Attractions and Activities

Visitors can take a trip of the narrow lanes of the town and watch the petite white houses with blue roofs that are the iconic edifices of the Sid Bou Said. The houses look splendid from an adjacent hill that also offers a breathtaking view of the Bay of Tunis and the Mediterranean Sea. The Family House is another famous old structure that has now been converted into a museum depicting the 18 th century lifestyle of a Tunisian lawyer. The house is maintained by the heirs of the lawyer and is a good visit for its neatly displayed fascinating old relics. Visit the lower portion of the main street for picking up great souvenirs from innumerable stalls during the prime tourist season. Visitors can bag some super rare local artifacts at bargain prices.

Food and Accommodation

Savor a typical Arabic coffee shop flavor at Café des Nattes, a popular local hangout that is touted to house the ghost of the famous French writer Andre Gide. Another great place to enjoy a romantic dinner is Au Bon Vieux Temps, a rooftop eatery that offers delicately spiced local preparations. The Blanc E Bleu is a bustling Syrian restaurant that serves delicious schwarma, kabobs and crepes. The place is located bang opposite Costa Café and is the only eatery open for lunch during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. Apart from these, Sid Bou Said has several roadside food stalls that serve amazingly fresh doughnuts and locally produced dates. Hotel Sidi Bou Fares is the only decent accommodation option located in the heart of the town. The rooms are clean, tastefully done up and feature a  central courtyard. Alternatively, visitors can also rent rooms from local residents.    

Sid Bou Said is a nice African-Arabic cultural hub that gets visitors up, close and personal with a seemingly faraway land.


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