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Nabeul, so often presented as the Tunesian capital of pottery. It truly is. Nearly everywhere you can buy pottery, but the only sorryful experience you get in Nabeul is how inhabitants, the merchandisers in special treat you. Even if you give a product a shy eye to look at, they stick to you until you nearly get hairraising discussion, simply on the subject why you do not buy the product from him. Ridiculous, a way of trading goods we do not know in our western civilisation. A nice place to be for itself, a shame poeple make it so dirty. In western europe we get educated with the decency of not polliting anything, overther even police officers throw their used garbage and packages along the street. But even this does not mean you msut avoid Nabeul. It is an interesting place to be with nice poeple, kind people, except the merchandisers. A horror.


June 05, 2005 change by giorgio

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