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accommodation in Monastir

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There are a bevy of accommodation choices that line the glitzy shores of this coastal tourist hotspot. Monastir Hotels guide gives visitors comprehensive information on the best places to stay in the charming beach town. 

Where to Stay

From chic, upmarket beach resorts to the more subtle and elegant hotels, Monastir offers guests the finest lodging picks without excessively fussing over their wallets. The indulgent Club Caribbean World Monastir (nestled adjacent to a pristine azure-water beach) that houses lush green expanses and a beautiful tapestry of exotic flowers along with an in-house water park is one of the most inhabited tourist properties. There are four swimming pools along with a well-equipped gymnasium  and a kid’s club. The complimentary breakfast buffet serves some of the tastiest fare in the region. A room here can cost approximately €100 on a per person/per night basis. Another good pick is Hotel Kuriat Palace, a property known for its soothing garden and comfortable rooms that are a good value for the money. The hotel is located on the Skanes Beach and boasts of great facilities for outdoor sports lovers with sand courts, quick courts and squash rooms. There are four in-house restaurants and three bars serving decent food and drinks. A room here can cost guests approximately €50 on a per person/per night basis. Witness the grandeur of the celebrated Tunisian coast at Skanes Palace International, a property fully loaded with modern amenities at a price that doesn’t hurt. With the backdrop of Monastir’s famous sun kissed beaches, Skanes has 228 well-stocked rooms and a full fitness center. The property is easily accessible to major town attractions like the Mosque of Kairouan and the vivacious tourist regions of Sousse and Medina.

Located at an approximately 30 minutes from the Monastir Airport, Corail Club is a great leisure haunt replete with tastefully done up studio apartments and a beautiful musical fountain. The 530 roomed Soviva  Resort is a smart pick for visitors seeking clean and well-furnished rooms with modern amenities. A room here can cost approximately €45 on a per person/per night arrangement. Other chic picks include Hotel Kanta, Amir Palace Hotel (constructed with a fine local architectural design), Ruspina Hotel, Thalassa Village, Skanes and Sunrise Abou Nawas Club.

Monstir has a vast reserve of accommodation options that are visually captivating with their scenic backdrop and provide all modern comforts at an easy price.

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