Moknine Travel Guide

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The Moknine Center

The Moknine Center


Moknine , the town in which is established POTTERY OF THE SAHEL, is in the middle of the Tunisian Sahel, surrounded by vast fields of olive-trees, close to three tourist poles, Sousse 35 Km, Monastir 20 Km and Mahdia 25Km.

We should note that the development of the artisanal and even sometimes industrial activities depends on the abundance of certain natural resources that the inhabitants of the area use. Thus, the abundance of non-olive 'grig' (a natural and ecological fuel used to cook the pottery), the clay deposits of good quality (raw materials for the production of pottery) promoted the development of this activity through the years. The use of pottery is common in all the domains of everyday life: the conservation of food, the cooling of water, crockery... Nowadays this use is very limited, and the use for decoration replaced it. Nevertheless, this heritage is the principal source for the actual decorative articles.
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