Metlaoui Travel Guide

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Metlaoui is the starting point for the 'lezard rouge' train line. It is only a 40 minute train ride, but it takes you through one of the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen.

The " L├ęzard Rouge " (Red Lezard) used to be the small train of the "Beys" dating back to the begining of the century. It was originally a gift of the French to the Bey of Tunis who used it for its harem.

The train follows an old mining track along a small river of the Wadi Selja. The mountains rise up high just beside the track. When the train reaches the end of the line, it is turned around and takes you back.

Metlaoui is located at some 40 km from Tozeur .

In september 2009 railway line Metlaoui-Redeyef was completly destroyed by giant flood, Lezard Rouge is currently suspended. There are plans to rebuild the line (because of mines located nearby) but this will take a long time.

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