Sights in Hammamet

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Hammamet is considered one of the most beautiful vacation resort villages in the North Eastern section of Africa. You can have the opportunity to easily see why. If you are a person who is an avid photographer there are an abundance of diverse cultures to click at. Or if you are here in Hammamet for fun in the sun, you won’t be disappointed. Hammamet has great vistas to watch as you relax here in the "Pearl of the Mediterrean Sea."

Around the City

If you are an early riser, an incredible sight to witness is the local fishermen getting into their brightly painted boats to go on their excursion of daily fishing trips. This is an everyday ritual that is exciting if you like to observe the native life of other countries. It's only one of the many remarkable experiences you can enjoy here in Hammamet.

A vacation tour in Hammamet would not be complete without a stroll through the Medina. It is the center for shopping in Hammamet for visitors. Arts and crafts of the native people comprise items like brassware, kaftans, jewelry, clothing, carpets, pottery and leather goods. A few distinct features you see are the ramparts surrounding the Medina and the ancient fort crowning it. The Gulf of Hammamet encompasses miles of sandy beaches that are marvelous to look at. Going for a leisurely walk during the sunrise is a fantastic sight to see. An ideal sightseeing activity is to go to a beach side pub and have a drink as you watch the sunset and all the people ending their working day. Or you may want to observe the Mosques. The Great Mosque built in the 15th century by Turks and Moors is a famous visitor attraction, and close by is the mosque of Sid Abdul-Qader, which today functions as a school for young children.

Out of Town

To complete a trip to Hammamet, a tour of the surrounding terrain is a must. A great adventure awaits as you explore the hills that surround the whole length of the city and resort areas. A horseback riding trip is an exciting way to travel here. Or if you are courageous, a camel ride is available. As you travel past the immediate area the land develops into huge areas of citrus trees and orange groves. A special sight-seeing trip to various desert safaris is available. Several hotels offer trips to see the Carthage ruins by the Romans. If you have a preference for water trips, set up a special boating trip to scout the area. You can have some fun with the dolphins, and these boating tours are offered year round.                

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