Shopping in Hammamet

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Hammamet shopping is on par with the shopping you will find in other Tunisian cities. This spot is popular as it is one of the best beach resorts in North Africa.  Because it is such a tourist spot the shopping is extensive and the shop keepers are  zealous at tempting you to buy their wares.

Visiting the Medina Area

The best place to get crafts and souvenirs is in the smaller Medina region.  In Medina you can find pottery, jewelry, carpets and much more. All the shopkeepers try to herd you into their store so be firm and only go where you want to. If you like to wander and see everything before purchasing, then spend a morning in the Medina. There are many small streets to explore so get lost for a little while when shopping.

A boutique area that is close to the Medina is Fella. This boutique has a long history and you can find embroideries, Tunisian djellabas, fine jewelry and very exotic kaftkans. Take time to duck into this spot when visiting the Medina. Make sure you come prepared to barter as that is the way of life in most markets except for the most formal of shops.

Shopping at the Bazaar

The bazaar is the place for your traditional goods and souvenirs and hubbly-bubbly pipes are a hot item as are the olive wood items and leather goods. If you are looking for travel items that you need to replace such as shampoo, you will need to visit the more modern shopping centers. If you are looking specifically for souvenir shops, step into the Yasmine Hammamet resort as you will find fixed priced stores in this area.

Visiting workshops on Main Street

The main street of the city, near the Grand Mosque, is another popular shopping area. On Friday morning you can find a weekly market and some of the more unusual items for sale including livestock and belly dancing outfits.  During the week you can visit the retail shops and workshops where craftsman create beautiful works of art such as weaving, wood working and jewelry making.

Get Ready to Haggle

Most visitors tend to shop at the souks but be careful as much of the merchandise is overpriced.  It is important that you only haggle for those items you plan to buy as a shop keeper can get upset if you haggle for a while and then don’t buy the item. It is a good idea to have a plan of what you want to buy with a possible price in mind before you go out for a day of shopping.


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