Senior Travel in Hammamet

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If a calm, relaxing place packed with leisurely activities is your senior travel dream trip, look no further. You can find out for yourself firsthand why the city of Hammamet is referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.’ This resort area has been a favorite spot for many vacationers since it became better known during the 1920s.

Easily Visiting the City

You could be just sitting on the beach and enjoying the amazing views of the ocean or decide on a stroll through the shopping stalls in the medina. Some hotels have escorts to help you find your way though the souk, which can become quite confusing to new visitors. It would be a good idea to try setting up a daily itinerary so you can plan your day with the least amount of surprises. Transportation in Hammamet is easy. At the hotels, a mini-train takes you to the city. The cost is not much, at 2.5 dinar. This gives you a great chance to observe the city. Taxis are here also, and can take you to anywhere you want to go. Be sure to haggle for the price, it's a really fun way to spend some time. The cost is usually 4 dinar for 3 miles.

Senior Activities at Hotels

Your stay at this paradise can be greatly enhanced if you like outdoor activities. So many are being offered that you may have a hard time choosing which ones you want to do. All of the major hotels offer entertainment, either on site or nearby. Some of these include swimming, golf, tennis and walking tracks. If you like boat rides, your hotel manager can get you set up for a wonderful day of watching dolphins and other aquatic creatures. As a senior you will not have any difficulty seeing a continuous array of things to do here in hammamet.

Senior Considerations  

Getting around in Hammamet is easy, but in the medina it is real close between selling stalls, so mobility is limited. Also make sure you have an adequate way of making your way to and from the water on the beach. In this situation, friends could be a real help to you. Be sure that the hotel you determine to room at has disability access if you need it. Most of the major four and five star hotels in Hammamet do.

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