Nightlife and Entertainment in Hammamet

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As you look upon the last glimpses of the sun striking the sea in the early evening, all of a sudden a stir in the air happens as the nightlife of Hammamet jumps into action. True to the nature of Hammamets’ small resort atmosphere it doesn’t get drunk happy all night wild. Still it is a time you can enjoy with friends or family. Or perhaps opportunities could come for you to meet new and interesting people.

Night Clubs, Cafés, Pubs and Bon-Fires

Even though the night life for Hammamet continues on only until slightly after midnight, the streets are bustling with people looking for a time of fun. You can seek out enjoyment with them hurrying to bars, cafes, restaurants and discos. In the town centre visitors tend to congregate at the café’s, such as the Kashbar or Canary. At these establishments you have the occasion to get a local taste of tea or even the famous shisha(water pipe). Within the town you can also find nightclubs or pubs that offer regular entertainment, which ranges from music shows to belly dancing. For sport fans, several clubs have major sporting events shown on satellite TV. Along the cool beachheads there are a large number of restaurants or bars with open air music entertainment on their back patios. Music at these establishments have a wide variety of tastes from the more traditional Arabic to the peppy salsa.  Outwards toward the sea all along the beach you can see large fires set out at intervals. Here you have the chance to party with strangers at the ‘bon-fire’. This open air get together is the most well known and allows for the greatest pleasure of Hammamants’ night life social gatherings.

Hotels and Discos

There isn’t any real all night swinging and drinking places but several five star and four star hotels offer dinning and discos and entertainment. The décor of these places tend toward the more modern rather than most other places available. One popular spot is the Sindbad Hotel Bar .  Here you’ll be able to taste some local appetizers and a beverage while getting a perfect ocean view from an outside table. The Latin Disco is a popular hangout that has music which ranges from Arabic to salsa. Some other favorites among the Europeans include the Havana Club and the Manhattan Club. Clubs for the most part tend to be more filled with a greater ratio of men than women. The interest view about Hammamet is that you can choose from a range of different places of merrymaking, while you relax and refresh yourself in beautiful Hammamet.

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