Museums in Hammamet

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Following is a list of Hammamet museums that tourists must visit when holidaying in this Tunisian city.

Bardo Museum

This museum is located in the city center and can be reached by taxi. Open on all days except Mondays, a trip to the Bardo Museum is a must for any tourists visiting Hammamet. The museum is mostly famous for its remarkable assortment of ancient Roman mosaics. It also includes different kinds of exhibits from the prehistoric, Islamic, Punic, Roman and early Christian eras of Tunisia’s history. Tourists need at least a few hours to explore the entire place.

Raqqada Museum

Although the Raqqada Museum is not in Hammamet, tourists can get to it quite easily from Hammamet and it is worth a visit. Located close to the archeological site in Kairouan, this is the largest museum for Islamic art in Tunisia. The museum includes a vast collection of ceramics from the 9th , 10th and 11th centuries and even some from Syria and Egypt. Tourists will also get a chance to see an extensive collection of Islamic coins in the medal room. There is a glass and bronze room and manuscripts room in the museum as well.

Dar Ben Abdallah

Located in the heart of Medina, the old city, this museum is ideal for tourists who want to get an idea of the traditional customs and arts of Tunisia. The museum is part of an 18th century palace which was once used as a private dwelling. Each of the apartments in the palace displays some kind of rites of passage during the important stages of life like birth, marriage and engagement. Items from the late 19th century and early 20th centuries from upper Tunisian families like furniture, ceramics and jewelry are also displayed here.

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