Festivals in Hammamet

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Hammamet , rightfully named the 'Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea,' has a laid back attitude to its vacationing style, allowing only a major festival or two sprinkled here throughout the year. Throughout the country of Tunisia the cities and small villages participate in many kinds of daily festivals. However, you won’t be finding them here in Hammamet. What you will certainly observe is that the locals take very seriously their main festival attraction.

The International Festival of Hammamet

The International Hammamet Festival draws a lot of people, especially French speaking Europeans and other English speaking ethnic groups from around the world. The festival starts in the middle of July and continues through the 3rd week of August. At the same time, the same festival over at Tunis is hopping. But as you will see, the festival here is far greater. Up until 2008, the only main attractions were music performances, but that has changed. Now you can see a host of French theatrical plays. The musical sections of the festival are overflowing with excitement. Musicians play a large variety of tunes, some native to Hammamet and other parts of Tunisia. A more predominant musical style playing in the festival is jazz. A few gigs feature more modern rock styles. No matter what your preference, there are usually 30 bands playing for your entertainment, plus 12 theater plays to see.

Islamic Holy Festivals

There are communities of Muslims that adhere to the traditional holidays of their faith. During the 9th month of the year, Ramadan is observed. What this Muslim tradition means is that fasting will be practiced during the daylight hours, but when the sun goes down feasting and partying begins. Also, you will see these people put out tables with food on them for the poor people in the city. One other festival you can see in Hammamets’ Muslim community is celebrated at the end of November. Eid-al-adha or the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ is religiously practiced here. It is very important to them because it has two significant aspects to their worship on this day. They recognize this day to mark when Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son in obedience to God. This day also marks the end of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. This is considered one of their most important and holy feasts.

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