Eating Out in Hammamet

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This beautiful vacation resort has a lot of restaurants catering to your hunger. No matter what your particular taste in cuisine is, you're sure to find it somewhere in this small, luxurious village vacation spot.

Tunisian and Traditional Foods

Since eating lunch and dinner in Tunisia is considered a major social event, the restaurants are glad to do what they can to meet your dietary needs. The traditional local menus center on their main staples, which are fish, lamb and steak. A trip to Hammamet is not complete unless you give some of these well known dishes a try.

You can start the beginning of a meal eating Chorbar (a real thick and creamy tomato soup) while engaging in talk with friends. Followed by the infamous Cousous, a dish made of fish or meat mixed with steamed semolina grains and vegetables. To top it off, a nice Makroudh, a syrup-soaked honey cake filled with dates or raisins. If the local cuisine does not appeal to you remember, that fish is their primary food here on the coast.

The cooks of Hammamet know how to prepare food many different ways. Be careful though, they like to have their food spicy hot. It would be a good idea to let them know how spicy you want it. One special treat you can engage in is consuming their many varieties of cooked sardines and jumbo shrimp. More international foods like fish and chips, pizza and hamburgers are always at hand. In addition to the town and shoreline restaurants, each hotel has their own specific traditional and native menus.

Restaurants in Hammamet 

Out in Hammamet's town district several restaurants have a local reputation for various specialties that they serve to travelers. Most well know in Hammamet is the Chez Achour. This  is the best place to order fish and Tunisian dishes. The staff are very professional and speak several languages. Another favorite is the restaurant Cascades. Without a doubt this is the restaurant you want to frequent if your tastes run toward menus composed of Western or European dishes. And for a real romantic, outdoor setting the Viking is your destination. The ambiance is as fantastic as the food. No matter where you go in Hammamet, your palette can be satisfied.        

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