Day Trips in Hammamet

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Hammamet is the perfect launching pad for day trips to other parts of northern Tunisia. If you need a break from the beach after days in the sun, here are some great day trips to surrounding areas that will be good fun and provide you with a different perspective of life in Tunisia.

Day Trips from Hammamet

The primary forms of transportation in northern Tunisia are by bus or louage, a taxi that seats five passengers and departs when it's full. Whether traveling alone or with others, both ways are easy to use, relatively safe and perfect for a budget traveler. Buses depart from the tourist office in town where there is also a departure schedule posted. Louages are recognizable generally as white station wagons with one red stripe on the side.

Day Trip to Dougga

Visit this ancient Roman city to see the Temple of Minerva and other artifacts in this town qualified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The well preserved monuments here are impressive, and this is considered by UNESCO to be "the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa." Just two hours from Hammamet, this is a must-see and should be included on any trip to northern Tunisia.  

Day Trip to Nabeul

Nabeul is located about 20 minutes from Hammamet and easily reachable by buses leaving every half hour. Larger than Hammamet, Nabeul is a nice city that features a great market with a very good selection of tourist items for sale. Also a coastal city, Nabeul caters to the tourist community well, and it's a center for the pottery industry in the country.

Day Trip to Tunis

Located about an hour and a half from Hammamet, capital city Tunis is a bustling metropolis that is very Parisian in its feel. A great place for shopping and sightseeing, Tunis is also the center of Tunisian culture and arts with numerous theaters, museums and festivals. Spend a day here taking in a museum and a show and you will enjoy the contrast from the touristy beach community of Hammamet. The Museum of Modern Art, the Tunis Zoo and the city's numerous expansive green parks are highlights in Tunis and should be included in your trip.

Hammamet is a great location for your next vacation. Enhance your cultural understanding with a trip to one of these other Northern Tunisian cities and really make your trip memorable for years to come.

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