Budget Travel Ideas in Hammamet

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As a popular tourist destination in North Africa, Hammamet is a good location for budget travelers looking for a relaxing and laid back trip, with considerable comfort and activities available. There are numerous budget hotels, entertainment and other travel options in this mid-sized city on the coast.

Budget Lodging in Hammamet

With a huge influx of tourists during the high season in Hammamet, there are a serious amount of reasonably priced hotels available all year long. Budget hotels here start with rates around $40 a night and rooms are generally clean, and staffs are friendly and helpful. Most hotels have a wide range of Tunisian and international food available at their in-house restaurants. Look for a hotel that includes breakfast in its rate to save money on one meal a day. 

Two popular budget hotels include Hotel Residence Mahmoud and Hotel Green Golf. Both lack in the amenities of more expensive hotels, but provide clean and safe accommodation at the $40 price range. These are perfect for a budget traveler that will spend much of their time exploring the city and its environs.

Budget Dining in Hammamet

Tunisian food is going to be your best value when visiting Hammamet. Sample the local varieties of couscous, a bed of steamed semolina topped off with vegetables or lamb and a delicious spicy sauce. Brik, a flaky tuna and egg stuffed pastry is also a must-try when visiting Hammamet. Eat at street vendors for lunch and select a reasonably priced restaurant for dinner. Inexpensive restaurants have meals starting around $8 and serve satisfying proportions.

Budget Activities in Hammamet

Being on the coast, the most popular activity in Hammamet is spending time on the beach. Though budget travelers may not be interested in high dollar activities like scuba diving and water skiing, sunbathing and hiking the beaches is always free.

Explore the ancient city around the narrow streets of the medina's residential neighborhoods for an attractive and authentic look at life in the city. Inside the medina, visitors can climb the steep ramp to the old fort Kasbah and take in some stunning views of the city and mosques. Spend an afternoon walking this area and stop in for tea at any number of small shops along the way and get acquainted with the neighborhood.

Hammamet has all the makings for a great trip. It is easily accomplished and comfortable to travel on a budget here. If possible, go in the off season winter months for the best value and to avoid the crowds of tourists, and truly experience the joys of this beautiful and welcoming city.

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