Beaches in Hammamet

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Due to Hammamet´s wide sandy beaches, the city was actually the first tourist attraction in Tunisia. The huge beaches stretch for miles, and despite the large influx of tourists in the summer, they never become uncomfortably crowded. The water stays cool and clear for most of the year, and is calm enough to swim, wade, snorkel, and do many other water sports. All of the beaches of Tunisia are free to the public, except for those that seaside hotels have made private specifically for their guests. Hotel beaches are generally off limits to the public.

Good Beach or Bad Beach

The long golden beaches curving along the edge of the Gulf of Hammamet do not actually have specific names or boundaries. The entire beach area just blends together. Obviously, some stretches of beach are better than others. There are some tips you can use to determine which spots are best. The areas near bars and cafes tend to contain more garbage than others due to the carelessness of the clientel of those particular places, while areas which are slightly more remote are more prone to having camel dung lying around on the sand, which can be quite unpleasant due to its strong odor.


Unfortunately, anywhere you settle on the beaches of Hammamet, you´ll be hassled by persistent salespeople showing you their wares and attempting to persuade you into taking out your foreign wallet. Usually, as long as you're re sure to show absolutely no interest, they´ll leave you alone after awhile. As in any foreign country, be wary of your belongings at all times, and avoid jumping in the water and leaving your things unattended on the beach. You just never know if there´s a thief around.

As for water safety, it's really not too much of a concern. The water tends to be calm, with gentle waves lapping the soft sand. If you have small children, just make sure to keep an eye on them.


During most of the year, Hammamet is full of European tourists, which really takes away from the local Tunisian culture and traditions and makes you lose that feeling of being in an exotic location. That is the downside of going to such a tourist destination. However, it still is a nice beach resort perfect for sunbathing, sight-seeing and swimming, so you should not let all the tourists ruin your great time on Hammamet´s beaches.

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