Bars and Cafes in Hammamet

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Nightlife is popular in Hammamet, with plenty of options for every kind of traveler. Whether you enjoy passing the night away in a cafe, bar, restaurant or club, there is something special waiting for you in this Tunisian beach community. Hit the streets at night with the locals, expats and other tourists to find the most happening nightspots and you will be glad you did.

Bars & Clubs in Hammamet

A popular bar in Hammamet is the Sinbad Hotel Bar. There is a great outdoor patio that has some really nice views of the area. The bar has a nice variety of appetizers and this is a great place to start your evening.

Once the night is in full swing, the clubs and discos are where the party is. One of the most well known clubs is the Latino Disco, which is located near to the Le Paradis Hotel. Here there is a variety of music played that ranges from Arabic to salsa.

Two other notable clubs here are the Manhattan Club and the Havana Club. Both of these are also near to the Latino Disco, and easily reachable by getting directions from your hotel's front desk.

Visitors will notice that most clubs here are populated more heavily by men than women, as well as many men dancing together. Generally, when women go out here, they are going out with their boyfriend or husband, so there is not a lot of mingling between the sexes at clubs and cafes.

Cafes in Hammamet

Hammamet is overflowing with quaint little sidewalk cafes. Offering coffees, teas and a wide range of small meals, visitors will enjoy the people watching opportunities and variety of foods that these diverse cafes offer.

One of the most notable cafes in Hammamet is the Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid located in the Northwest corner of the Medina, between the sea and the wall. Here a combination of locals and tourists make up the clientele and the menu is robust. This is the perfect place for a relaxing evening overlooking the sea, and drinking the cafe's popular mint tea. Shisha is also available here, as it is in most cafes, and the ambiance and decoration of the cafe is perfect.

There are countless cafes located throughout the city. A simple walk around your neighborhood or Medina will net you at least one. If you want a relaxing evening without all the noise of a club, a cafe is the way to go when in Hammamet.

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