7 Day Itinerary in Hammamet

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A vacation to Hammamet could be one of the most memorable vacation trips that you ever had. Since ‘The Pearl of the Mediterranean’ is packed with all sorts of attractions revolving around both leisure and physical activities to pursue, it can be somewhat daunting. So to help you along, a basic 7 day itinerary has been set up here for you. Its purpose is to provide a general outline of daily entertainment so you can make the best choices that will bring maximum satisfaction during your stay here.

Day 1  

This first day will be spent mostly relaxing on the beach. Hammamet is well known for its beautiful beaches so take all your beach wear and go down to the beach front. The waters here are crystal clear. You will notice that no amount of pollution can be seen. If you are traveling with your family this is a great time to kick off your vacation together. As the day comes to an end, check out the unbelievable sunset as it glistens on the waves.

Day 2  

The medina, or souq, will be your daytime trip today. As you walk through the medina and the souq's entrance you will see it looks like a fortification. Defense against raiders was the idea behind its building style. You can especially see it in the overhead fort-like architecture. While in the medina contend with the vendors for the prices of beautiful local items like pottery, carpets, jewelry and kaftans all created by local craftsmen. Be sure to pay about one-third of what they ask and you will get a good bargain. At the end of the night lounge out on the beach with a cool drink and watch the sunset sparkling off the rolling waves.

Day 3 

This day is going to focus on the water activities. After breakfast go out to the beachfront and inquire about boat trips. Men will approach you and ask if you are interested in taking a trip on a pirate ship. The trip will include swimming off the boat and seeing dolphins. The price is about L 15 per adult and children are usually free. This evening get a taxi and head over to the Sindbad Hotel. This hotel is where the nightlife in Hammamet is the hottest. They always have disco dancing or other Latin dancing styles.  

Day 4

Once again, relax on the beachfront and take in the beautiful sight of the sea. Walk for a while down the beach and get into a conversation with some of the locals. Fisherman and privateers are always interested in talking to travelers. After returning, have a quiet lunch and then go to the town to observe the 2 Muslim mosques. Observe the architecture of the Great Mosque that was built during the 1500s. Across the corner is the Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque. It was erected in 1798, and today it is being used as a Koranic school. Bon-fires are a huge social event here, so go out tonight either with friends or family and enjoy your time at one.

Day 5

Sleep in late today and be lazy for a bit. Next on the agenda is to go out and be adventurous. There are a few hotels here in Hammamet that offer horseback riding as an activity. The horseback riding trips are excursions to the surrounding hills and the beautiful orchids and groves outside the resort area. Le Sultan, Le Royal and Bel Azur Hotel are some of the hotels offering rides. It is also possible to walk on the beach and be approached by several men with horses, asking if you want to ride on the beach. Tonight return to the center of the town. You will notice that the nightlife is most active in the cafes and small pubs. Go join the crowds. This is a good place to relax with present friends or to make new ones.

Day 6

Venture out this morning into the town for breakfast. Look at the locals and observe their lifestyle and engage in conversation with them. Golfing or tennis will be on your schedule for this afternoon. Several hotels also have their own private golf courses at the hotel. Yasmine Golf Course has a great reputation in this area. And, the cost is reasonable at 70 TND per person for 9 holes. Most of the major hotels have several tennis courts on their premises.    

Day 7

This is your last day to see if you did all you wanted to. Take a final stroll through the medina and see if you purchased all you wanted. Make sure all the arrangements for leaving are made.



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