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The best garden I ever seen.Sheraton-Hammamet

The best garden I ever seen.Sheraton-Hammamet

Jasmin Avdović

"Tunisia’s Saint Tropez” is a fitting description for Hammamet, a former fishing village where dazzling blue waters meet expansive beaches along the Gulf of Hammamet. Exotic history, ancient buildings, and breathtaking villas and hotels, and rejuvenating mineral baths are all part of the area which is covered in this Hammamet Tour Guide.

Things to Do

Hammamet beaches are the top destinations for vacations in Hammamet. Iberostar Phenicia has a resort with magnificent views of such beaches. Gardens abound in Hammamet, and fine sand lines the shore. Yasmine beach has clear-blue waters shallow enough for snorkeling, and Hammamet beach offers an array of water sports to enjoy. Learn to dive in one of the nearby hotel courses, water ski in Hammamet's brilliant blue water, or enjoy windsurfing along the beach.

Stroll along the Medina in Hammamet to explore the architecture left over from the Arabians. If you enjoy taking pictures of structures and doors, you will find lots of interesting ones here. The castle has plenty of shops to browse through, so you can even bring a bit of Tunisia with you back home.

Spend a day at the Flipper Aquapark, which has several slides and pools perfect for family travel. Check out the Folklore Museum, and learn about the ancient history of Hammamet.

Hotels in Hammamet

Hotels range in Hammamet from 3 to 5 stars. Le Sultan Hotel Hammamet is located on the water, and has a reasonable price range for a 4-star hotel. Built with a modern look, Le Sultan offers elegance and style on top of its convenient location and moderate price.

Many of the 3-star hotels, located within the city, offer the best deals for budget travelers. The Kinza Hotel Hammamet is located near the Cultural Center, the Medina, and Friguia Park. Hotels in Hammamet typically have outdoor pools and workout areas so that guests can keep up with their fitness routines while on vacation.

Restaurants in Hammamet

Hotels in Hammamet usually have their own restaurants, ranging from modest to elegant dining. Cafes line the city, along with other eateries. Chez Achour is a highly recommended restaurant where you can enjoy the terrace view while dining on lamb or fresh grilled fish.

Bars in Hammamet

The Shakespeare Bar is known for being the best English bar in Hammamet, with excellent food and service. Entertainment ranges from sports television to belly dancing and other types of performances.

Nightclubs throughout Hammamet are lively, with a mixture of latin, Arabic, and Salsa music. The largest nightclub is Oasis, but other popular clubs include Calypso Club, Latino Club, and Manhattan Club.


Hammamet is located roughly halfway between Sousse and Tunis. Although it's a popular resort, it's a bit more genuine than some of the other tourist spots on the coast.

The old town still has some narrow streets where you find small shops which sell cheap souvenirs (cheap referring to the qualitry, not necessarily to the price). In the modern shopping area of town you will find chic boutiques, good restaurants, cafes and bars. Nightlife is pretty good in Hammamet as is the famous wide sandy beach. Getting about town couldn't be easier, either by taxi or on the Noddy train, both inexpensive.

The 'sights' of the town include the Medina with a large mosque , Arab baths (Hammams) and many artisans working pottery. Hammamet is the most significant center of pottery in Tunisia, this art is transmitted between the generation of wire father, as well as fhe Golf of Hammamet, represented by long ranges with fine sand, a modern succession of hotels.


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