Family Travel Ideas in Tunisia

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Christina Tilicki

In Tunis, family travel is easy and can be very enjoyable. There are a number of activities that families can experience together that keep everyone entertained.

Family Safari

The best way to experience the natural wonder that is the Sahara desert is to get out there and participate in a safari. Being on the edge of the desert, Tunis is a perfect place to start this adventure. Safaris range anywhere from a day trip to a week long excursion. There are multiple ways to can embark on these safaris such as in vehicles, ATVs and the most popular means of transportation, a camel ride. Safari's can get pricey the longer you spend out on the desert so keep this in mind when planning your vacation. One of the most popular safari's is the Tunisian Voyager Family Holiday. Usually accommodating three to six families, children must be at least five years of age to participate. Camel rides take you throughout the desert with multiple stops to enjoy ancient ruins, caves and swimming in the Mediterranean. Nights are spent under the stars and in ancient cave dwellings, the perfect way to experience the history of this region. A Saharan safari will make for an unforgettable family vacation.

Dah Dah Amusement Park

The first amusement park opened in Tunisia, the Dah Dah Happy Land Amusement Park was opened in 1995. This eleven hectare park is home to countless indoor and outdoor rides, billiards, video games, bowling alleys and a baby room for children under the age of three. Entry is free and all you pay for are the activities (rides, video games, lane rentals etc.) that you participate in. A definite way for children to have a good day, a trip to this amusement park is something the whole family can enjoy.

Zoological Park

Located southeast of Tunis, the Zoological Park is a wildlife refuge that is home to countless African animal species. A great way for children to experience the wildlife indigenous to another country, the park also houses a impressive botanical garden, allowing you to experience the natural splendor Tunisia has to offer without breaking the bank.

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