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More than has been written, standing in the Roman theater, you can go down into the catacombes, where you get an impression of how it has looked like for the real gladiators, and how near they were to the wild animals they had to fight with. In the floor below the arena, you nearly can smell and feel the tension that must have been there for so many years. Come into the arena from downstairs, you get impressed of the huge facility you see. Nowadays it is reconstructed up to 4 huge levels high, giving you an unforgettable view over the city and how glorious this place must have been in its glorious days.

The most surprising is the way entrace is payed : you do not pay to get into the theater. You pay "picture money" , no entrance , but you pay for the reconstruction of this place. A more sympathic way of gaining income for this purpose. A must! for everybody visiting Tunesia.

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