Day Trips in Tunisia

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Tunisia day trips can bring you to several African local attractions. Since Tunisia has powerful ancient Roman influence, most of the local attractions focus on these structures. One of the most visited tourist spots is the El Jem, which is an hour’s trip from Southern Tunisia. If you want an adventure filled with historic places and archaic ruins, then this trip is for you.

El Jem or El Djem

Located in Central Tunisia, this town is home to the amphitheater, which the Roman Empire built, and it is believed to have held the chariot races and gladiator fights during the era of the Roman Empire. It is one of the greatest ancient coliseums. El Djem was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1979. You can walk the underground passages and tour the area. You can tour the area and discover the grandeur left by Ancient Rome through the ruins and exhibits. The El Djem Roman Coliseum is as large as that found in Rome. The colonnades, passageways and the view from inside the amphitheatre are also impressive and unforgettable for adventurers.

Transportation to El Djem

You may travel to El Jem by train, bus or by "luages." Luages are shared taxis. The first class train costs $5 to $10 and is an hour’s ride from Sousee. You can also share a ride in a taxi with other tourists, which costs about $8 to $15. The entry to the amphitheatre costs around $3 and you could explore the area all you want.

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