Budget Travel Ideas in Tunisia

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Christina Tilicki

These days, everyone is trying to save money and when traveling to Tunis, budget travel is surprisingly easy and very doable. Budget travel doesn't mean you have to scrimp on enjoyment and lack a fulfilling vacation. Whether history, nature or an exciting adventure is your cup of tea, there is a budget-friendly activity for everyone in Tunis.

Shopping in The Souks

Shopping can not only be a fun excursion but can also be culturally enlightening. In Tunis, one of the most popular places to shop are the Souks (also called the medinas) which are shops, carts and stalls in which vendors sell their local handicrafts. The great thing about shopping in these outdoor markets is all prices are negotiable. This ensures that you get the best quality for your buck. All the arts and crafts sold in the medinas are handmade and express the culture and tradition of the region. Visiting with the vendors as well makes for an interesting afternoon that costs nothing at all!

Budget Accommodations

Hostels are some of the cheapest accommodations that you can get when traveling. Especially when on a budget, a hostel might be the best way to go. In Tunis, the Tunis Youth Hostel is situated in the former palace of the sultan and is architecturally impressive. Rooms are basic  and residents share a communal bathroom and showers. Bread and coffee is served to guests for breakfast as well as a filling evening meal, saving you even more money. Not the most luxurious of accommodations this hostel nonetheless allows you to spend your money on other activities.

Budget Dining

There are a number of restaurants in Tunis that give you the best of Tunisian-Algerian food without causing you to spend half your traveling expenses. Abid and Restaurante Les 3 Etoiles are two restaurants that give you traditional cuisine for a reasonable price. Another great way to indulge in regional cuisine is enjoying the food sold by street vendors. With shopping in the medinas, the food sold out of street carts is generally the most ethnically authentic food you can eat and is always the cheapest.

Tunisia Backpacking Tours

Cheap and inclusive, participating in a backpacking tour is a great way to experience the natural splendor that surrounds Tunis. There are countless hikes that surround Tunis that take you to a number of places such as the Roman Ruins, ancient caves as well as the Sahara desert. Hiking is either free or very budget friendly if you participate in a tour with a guide. Going on a hike, whether for a day trip or overnight, is a great way to see the sites and experience them for yourself.

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