Beaches in Tunisia

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Tunisia BeachesĀ  are a favorite among European travelers because they are a perfect hideaway for rest, relaxation, and a whole new experience of exotic natural beauty. Though the smallest country in Africa, Tunisia has a major key role for the tourism business it brings for its breathtaking beaches.

Sousse Beach Tunisia

Boujaffar Beach in Sousse has fine sand and clear blue waters and is a popular favorite beach destination for tourists with their families. As you walk along the soft sandy stretch, you'll find a row of high-rise hotel towers. You can enjoy some water sports and rent necessary equipment for the activities. In the evening, it has cool air and so walking or lying down on benches in the beachfront will prove to be real treat from the day's heat from the sun.

Kerkennah Beach Tunisia

Tourists can have the ultimate relaxation on the stunning beaches of Kerkennah where the waters are fresh. Kerkennah is actually a group of small islands and buses are available as transport to take visitors there. Apart from the beautiful beaches like Mkaren Khalifa, tourists can visit the House of Farhat Hached and ruins of Borj Elhissar. You may like to visit during festival time. The Mermaid Festival is held in summer and the Octopus Festival in October.

Hammamet Beach Tunisia

It is a long stretch of smooth white sand of 40 miles and the clear sea located at the Gulf of Hammamet. You can go and enjoy camel riding along the shore. Or while taking a walk, you might as well head down to Medina where you can do some shopping and haggle or bargain on items you like.

Tabarka Beach Tunisia

Tabarka Beach is one of the most scenic spots there is for those who prefer walking to driving to absorb the beauty. The seaside has miles of white sand and clear blue waters. The corals and rugged rocks that are along the mountain that have the Genoese castle overlooking the sea on it provide an added natural beauty.

Raf Raf Beach Tunisia

Mesmerize yourself with the turquoise waters and feel its thousands of years of clear crystal beauty as you arrive from the road climb. It's the finest among Tunisian beaches. With its long stretch of white sand, you can enjoy the beach and at the same time play with the sand dunes along side.

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