Tamberma Travel Guide

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Boy entering Tamberma Castle

Boy entering Tamberma Castle

Wendy Cuijpers

Some 65,000 Tamberma live in the savannahas of Togo, just north of Kara. They practice subsistance farming growing millet, sorguhm, yams, and a variety of other crops. Domestic goats, cattle and guinea fowl supply meat, although hunting and fishing also supplement the diet.

The women operate a well-developed market exhange system using both money and cowrey shells as the media for exchange. Extended family units live in highly distinctive two-storied compounds built with extensive layers of sun dried mud with conical thatched roofs almost resembling minature castles. These are the resaon to come here.

The best time to visit Tamberma is in the dry season. Head for Kande where you will be assieged by guides offering you trips and huts, haggle and you can get reasonable prices.

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