Sights in Lome

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I lived in Lome for 18months. I can't think why anyone would want to visit as a tourist! Togo is a very poor country with failing infrastructure, rising unemployment and thus crime. The beach in the city area is a no-go area because of muggings. Beaches outside the capital are accessible but the ocean currents make it dangerous for even strong swimmers. Most hotels are in mothballs as nobody has stayed there for a very long time. If you must go check and double check that where you are staying is a viable hotel AND take plenty of malaria medication, use nets at night and anti-bug spray.

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Fetish Market

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The fetish market in Lome is a very strange place to visit. The people working there are used to tourists and ask money to allow you to walk around. One of them will then function as a guide and give you some information about all the things that can be bought and about their function in voodoo.

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