Getting Around in Lome

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Few Transportation Options in Lome

If you are planning a visit to Lome, transportation is one thing you are going to have to think about. That is because there are not many options when it comes to transportaion. Reasons for that are the poor roads and the lack of reliable public transportation services.


The motos are small motorcycles or more likely powerful scooters. They offer taxi services to foreigners and are one of the most popular methods of transportation throughout Lome. However, before riding on a moto, you have to keep a few things in mind. First of all, motos don’t have steady prices and you’ll have to bargain. Along with that the motos themselves are in a very poor technical condition, with speedometers and headlights often not functioning. The drivers are reckless and although most of them wear helmets, there surely won’t be a helmet for you. Unfortunately sometimes you simply don’t have an alternative and it’s much better to ride on a moto instead of walking under the burning sun.


Taxi services are also available in Lome, but again not very reliable as a form of transport. There are several reasons for that. First of all, once the drivers see that the passenger is not an African, the rates double and there are no meters on the taxis. The drivers don’t speak English and you’ll have to know French. They aren’t familiar with the street names as well, so you’ll have to give them directions. Of course, same goes for the motos. Don’t be surprised if the taxi starts slaloming – the driver is just trying to avoid the potholes, which are common when driving on the local roads.

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