When to Go in Zanzibar

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An archipelago consisting of many islands, Zanzibar, or more commonly called Unguja, is an island off of the east coast of Tanzania, which is located in East Africa. The capital of Unguja is Zanzibar City, which is home to the World Heritage Site known as Stone Town. Zanzibar is one of the "Spice Islands", entitled so because one of their main industries is based in the production of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper.

Zanzibar has 2 official seasons, though you probably wouldn't be able to notice the difference if you were there, except for a few small changes in precipitation. Due to it being close the the equator, but still in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite those in the northern part of the world, therefore the peak winter month is June, and the peak summer month is December. As previously mentioned, there aren't much differences in these months when it comes to temperature. The average low of June is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low during December is 80.0 degrees Fahrenheit. You will notice that, the closer one is to the Equator, the more steady temperatures are year-round.

This being said, there isn't really a bad time to go to Zanzibar. The most rainfall occurs in April and May, also called the "Green Season", but even during this time, it rarely rains every day. The most rainfall is in April and averages around a foot of rain throughout the month, and the least rainfall occurs in July, averaging at not even an inch. Only 3 months of the year (November, April, May) get over 6 inches of rain each month. Even in April, the most rainy of months in Zanzibar, there is only an average of 11 rainy days.

If you are looking to go to Zanzibar for the hot weather, you are in luck! All months except June, July, and August have at least (on average) 7 days each month that go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, even around half of the month will be that hot if you travel there during November, December, January, February, or March. If you don't like it that hot, June, July, and August are definitely the months in which you should visit. There aren't many documented natural disasters in Zanzibar, so you don't need to work much about tsunamis, earthquakes, or any other weather phenomena. Beach pollution is a problem, though, so you are best to stick to the north and east coasts.

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