Top 5 Must Do's in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar is a panoramic and archetypically exotic African Island that is situated off the East Coast of Tanzania. It has an attractive and versatile mish-mash of things to do and places to see, making it difficult to choose only 5 Zanzibar Must Do’s. From traces of a rich historical legacy to the spice and slave trade era to the charming old markets crammed with Omani Arab merchants –it’s all here along with a myriad of other reasons for tourists to visit this enchanting African getaway.

Visit Pemba Island

Go snorkeling, scuba diving or deep sea fishing at Pemba Island. The island is strewn with flourishing coral gardens and a stunningly beautiful oceanic backdrop with crystal clear waters and a pristine coast. This popular destination is forever bustling with high energy marine adventure activities. There are regular sessions on scuba diving conducted by expert PADI divers.

Visit Stone Town

For a staple fare of African and Arabic grandiose, head to Stone Town-an ancient quarter of the island that is declared a World Heritage Site. There are several heritage attractions here including People’s Palace- an enchanting destination for art, history and culture aficionados. Watch the opulence of the Sultans come alive in the memorabilia of this museum that houses royal displays and other artifacts from the 19th century. Tourists can also visit the Darajani market for fresh local produce and their weekly antique fair.  Other attractions worth visiting in the vicinity are Hamamni Persian Baths and the Stone Town Ruins.

Visit the Ngezi Forest Reserve

For a potpourri of adventure and action packed activities look no further than the Ngezi Forest Reserve situated at the Pemba Island. This multi-functional destination is packed with things to do and makes even the most decisive tourist experience ambivalence. This reserve is home to several rare and exotic plant and wildlife species. Bird watchers can have a field day with sightings of unusual aerials. Hikers can take a walking trail from the entrance point and encircle the entire canopy. You can just go to Ngezi with no agenda and soak in nature’s glory amidst tranquil settings to soothe your nerves.

Explore the Zanzibar Islands

Take a stroll along the famed beaches of Zanzibar Islands and revel in the cerulean blue waters to experience superb serenity and a stress free sensation.

Visit Mangapwani

Watch the history of the slave tradition come alive at The Slave Chambers and Coral Caves of Mangapwani, a place that houses several secretive chambers used to hide slaves and transport them in large numbers on merchant ships.

If you are visiting Zanzibar, make sure to have these 5 exciting, beautiful and cultural experiences on your to-do list.

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