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Tourism in Tanzania is a big industry, and the tour sites and game parks are simply just beautiful. But we all know that the tourism mart is known for having very high prices, especially if you're a foreigner and go to Tanzania where they call you Mzungu. It can be very frustrating when you constantly meet people who are trying to take advantage of your vulnerability.....

Well for those who might feel or understand what am talking about, I would like to tell you about a tour company found in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The call themselves YONA Motions, which i later on came to find out is a long form for Young 'N' Awesome...niice!!

Well this company is actually a student tour company. They organize tours for both local and international students. Since they mainly deal with students they tend to offer some of the best rates, and are usually more than willing to sit down with you and create a tailor made trip which will suit your desires, time frame and of course YOUR BUDGET!! (now don't worry, you don't HAVE to be a student to tour with them!!)

They have very cool yet very professional staff, and these guys know their business. The services they give in return for the price you pay is quite outstanding. I wonder if they make a profit at all....??But they probably do, since all the students seem to go and know about this Young 'N' Awesome company.

These guys aren't you're regular tour company in Tanzania which try to decide for you or push on you a popular package. They are more concerned with finding out what you are looking for then creating a package which will help you achieve your objectives..

You should definitely check them out if consider touring in Tanzania or East Africa at large. You can google them or check them up on facebook. They also reply emails promptly (which is a big plus in Tanzania)...their email address is

All the best...,hope you have a great time in Tanzania!!
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tel:+255 758 151091
address:YONA Motions

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