Internet Cafes in Tanga

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Tanga Cyber Services Ltd

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Internet Cavern is a cafe in the center of Tanga. The cybercafe

is the meeting point for cultural bonding for all ethnic minorities.

10 PC in Broadband System. Services Offered are: Internet access, E-mail, printing, scanning, webcam,voice over IP,we also teach learners.

The interior design is a must to see for all african culture lovers as it has a unique atmosphere and feel to it which can only be seen to be beleived.

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price:Tshs 400/hr
tel:O27 2642230
hours:Mon-Sat 9 am-11pm Sun & Holidays 9am-2pm 4pm-11pm
address:P. O. Box 1436, Tanga,,

Crown Internet Cafe (In Touch With Tommorow)

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Full-time broken air conditioners and non-working ceiling fans but lots of wind from our western style windows plus door. 9 Computer from the 80' with somewhat functioning scanning and webcam capabilities. Each computer has a private washroom and one family computer room with large bathroom for having many people at one computer.....

type:Internet Cafe
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price:1500/-ths or $1.80 PER HOUR
hours:MON-FRIDAY 8:30PM TO 9:00PM SAT AND SUN 9:00 PM TO 9:30 PM
address:Street no 7 Ngamiani Main Road

Tanga Internet Surfing Point

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Fully air conditioned with 9 Computers, scanners, faxes & webcam capabilities. Each computer has a private booth and one family size booth for multiple users accessing one computer as a group of family. The best in Tanga.

type:Internet Cafe
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price:Tanzanian SHS or US $
hours:8:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm Daily.
address:13/14 Mkwakwani Road, Tanga,, Tanzania


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We provide the good speed and our guides has
experience on their work, We provide internet Training for the
Begginers...... we located at street No: 2, mkwakwani road.

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price:-$5.00 PER HOUR
tel:27 2644136
hours:from 9.00 to 11.00
address:P.O BOX5813
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