Top 5 Must Do's in Serengeti national park

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Wildebeest, gazelles, and zebras are plentiful in Serengeti National park and during migration season they are a sight to behold. The park is a protected area and forms a world renowned ecosystem that has been working since ancient times. 

Olduvai Gorge

The first attraction in the park that is paramount to see is Olduvai Gorge. This gorge is 30 miles long and about 300 feet deep. In this gorge Dr. & Mrs. Leakey found a 1.75 million year old remains of a Zinjanthropus (an early human-relative) and the human remains of Homo habilis (the first man to walk upright). They also found the tools that the humans used during the time. There is a small 2 room museum here and the staff is eager to answer questions, but you cannot actually dig to find relics. 

Grumeti River

Another attraction that is a must see is the Grumeti River. Here you can see crocodiles and masses of hippos lounging beside or in the river. Follow the river to Lake Victoria. There are many camps in the area where you can stay to see the migration when it moves through. 


Probably the most interesting thing to see in the Serengeti is the migration. Here about 1.5 million wildebeest; 200,000 zebra, and 350,000 gazelles stampede in order to find food and water to sustain life. Not only do they make a spectacular showing as they run, but after them come the predators; lions, tigers and other such animals. During the month May the food sources begin to get scarce and the migration starts soon after.

Seronera Valley

Seronera Valley is where most visitors start when they come to the park. This is where the animals come to calve after the migration. It is a wide grassland with many rivers that keep the area filled with wildlife all year round. A lodge is built on a kopje with a beautiful garden and there are camp sites all around.

The Northern Reaches

The Northern Reaches of the Serengeti offer flying safari opportunities and also have tented camps that you can stay in. You can see Grant’s and Thomson’s Gazelles.  Ostriches are prevalent here as are warthogs. There are large granite rock formations all around called kopjes. Be sure to check out the Lobo Hill Lodge and watch for damaged trees that will tell you elephants are around. You can also see buffalo, giraffe, zebra and gazelles.

No mater where you go you will see an abundance of wildlife. Lions and Elephants, Giraffe and Buffalo, Hyenas and Crocodiles are all in the Serengeti waiting for you to come and catch a glimpse.

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