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Accommodation in Saadani National Park

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A Tent With A View

A Tent With A View


Located on the Mkwaja coastline close to the park HQ and to the centre of the newly gazetted Saadani National Park, A Tent with a View Safari Lodge offers a peaceful retreat from which to explore Tanzania’s only coastal wildlife reserve.

Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Saadani bush in an old coconut plantation, the 8 tented bandas are elegantly perched on stilts individually spaced out along the pristine beach. All the uniquely styled beachfront bandas offer total privacy, are fully en suite and have large balconies overlooking the azure sea. Emphasis is on relaxation and appreciation of the natural environment with a variety of activities offered from the lodge.

Each banda makes use of natural products with driftwood and coconut fibres adorning the rooms and interior materials have been designed along specific Saadani themes.

The spacious restaurant and bar is also elevated on stilts overlooking the sea. Freshly caught seafood is a speciality and 3 balconies offer atmospheric sundowner views of the Indian Ocean.

Guided nature trails, night walks and birdwatching canoe safaris from the lodge are complimentary to guests. The lodge also offers game drives, boat safari on the Wami river and foot safaris.

Reservations made through A Tent with a View Safaris based in Dar es Salaam

Tel : +255 22 2110507

Mob: + 255 713 323318 



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Saadani Safari Lodge

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Saadani Safari Lodge
Saadani Safari Lodge
photo by: Costa Coucoulis

Saadani Safari Lodge is uniquely placed as the only hotel located inside Saadani National Park , arguably Tanzania ’s most varied wildlife conservation area.  

Here, beach, bush and river come together in a clash of colourful ecosystems found nowhere else on the eastern coast of Africa . Saadani Safari Lodge is owned by Costa Coucoulis, a passionate nature-lover who has fully renovated and refurbished an existing property with creative style and sympathy to the natural environment.  

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type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+255 22 277 3294
address:P.O.Box 105854, Dar es Salaam