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Pangani is the Zanzibar of the Tanzanian mainland. It lies 45 km south of Tanga. Although its history goes back a long way it was developed by the Arabs as a settlement and slave trading centre. Being much less known it is much more peaceful than Zanzibar and the beaches around Pangani are virtually unspoilt. There is a variety of accommodation available although our basic programmes use the Argovia Lodge. By using public transport from Moshi we are able to provide a good quality coast holiday with all facilities such as diving, tours, fishing at a reasonable price. It is possible to upgrade to a private vehicle and luxury accommodation.

City tours: Pangani town elders serve as knowledgeable guides who can impart their vast knowledge of Pangani history and culture going back to the 15th century as they take you through the town. In 1810, the Arabs constructed the central boma building, people were buried alive under the pillars during construction as it was believed this would ensure strong foundations. Later the German administration used the buidings as a colonial district office and added a european style roof giving the building a unique appearance. The intricate Arab carved doors and foundation (still strong!) remain and the building is now used as the district commissioners office. The city tour includes numerous historical monuments: the original slave depots and slave market where arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia, the Freedom Grounds, Islamic and German graves, ancient mosques and traditional houses. In the streets carpet makers, woodcarvers, basket weavers, painters and other artisans sell a wide variety of hand made items.

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