Getting There in Kondoa

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There are bus connections from Arusha and Babati arriving in Kondoa from the north, and from Dar es Salaam and Dodoma, arriving from the south. Travelers from Arusha to Dodoma or vice versa often have to stay the night in Kondoa and change buses there. During heavy rains the buses may have to be canceled or may get stuck along the road. Travelers from the west can use a direct road from Singida, but during the rainy season it is advisable to go through Babati or Dodoma instead. There is also a road from Tanga across the Maasai plains, with a not quite reliable bus service.

The bus stand is at the central market square.

A cross-country vehicle can make the 160 km disance from Dodoma in about three and a half hours during the dry season. During the rainy season the time is totally unpredictable.

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