Getting Around in Kilimanjaro

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Important things that Help you Reach Mount Kilimanjaro Summit. -Climb slowly to increase your acclimatisation time and maximise your chances of reaching the summit. To avoid altitude sickness, allow a minimum of five nights, preferably even more for the climb. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of the mountain. -Use Mountain Climbing Outfitter (Tour Operator) which is licensed. The Legal company have employed Well trained and experienced Mountain Guides. These Professional Mountain Guides are trained and licensed by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. They understand all safety conditions in the Mountain for care taking of Tourists. -There are also Mount Kilimanjaro Rangers, these are employed by Tanzania National Parks and they work hand in hand with Mountain Guides mentioned above in cases of Rescue if any case arises. -Since these Mountain Guides are well trained and experienced, please trust them for your safety. Listen to them and will enable you reach Mount Kilimanjaro summit. These Guides are Friendly and will tell you various stories and knowledge about Mount Kilimanjaro, they are so friendly. -Take Enough Bottled Water with you. Water is very important. Kilimanjaro Travel and Safari Adventure Services will buy mineral Bottled Water enough for you. -Also Chocolate and Biscuits with Glucose will help you on Summiting day. Kilimanjaro Travel and Adventure Safaris will provide you with all these plus Rich enough food, including vegetables and Fruits. Our Porters and cooks will take care of you on Supervision of Guides. -First Aid Knowledge and KIT is very essential. Our Mountain Guides and Porters are well equipped. -Most Kilimanjaro climbing outfitters charge reasonably prices, especially those in Moshi and Arusha in Tanzania.

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