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Accommodation in Kilimanjaro

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Kili foothills

Kili foothills

M Webster

The Marangu Hotel is set in lovely grounds with a pool.  Camping is available if you are doing a trek with the hotel.  There are comfortable lounges and a bar.

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Mountain Inn

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 Mountain Inn is the perfect base for all from around the world including travellers, businessmen and families! It is an ideal place before and after a tour, e.g. for unwinding after a gruelling climb or a dusty wildlife safari. Whatever the reason may be, all are very welcome to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil surroundings! This stay will include excellent services, friendly staff, delicious food and more!

 Rooms: Mountain Inn has 25 fully furnished, ensuite rooms which are notoriously known to be very spacious. 21 of the rooms contain two single beds, more..

type:First Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:+255 27 2755622 / +255 27 2755623
address:Taifa Road, Kiborloni, Msaranga, Moshi, Tanzania