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Dar es Salaam is one of the biggest cities in Tanzania, and there are a range of shopping facilities available to the traveler. As well as traditional African markets and stalls, Dar es Salaam has opened its doors to western shopping malls in the city center near to hotels. This is no doubt in response to tourist encroachment upon traditional Dar es Salaam shopping methods. There are still a range of markets which cater to tourist needs throughout the city.


Dar es Salaam has many craft markets in the city, particularly in the area around Samora Avenue. Markets are available on Uhuru Street, or on Msimbazi Street. There is a local fish market on the Kivukoni harbor front. In Ohio street, there's an artist’s market called Nyumba Ya Sanaa, which sells textiles and regional handicrafts. The artists will frequently work in the open, so tourists can watch items being made before they buy. Tourists should note that in markets they will be expected to haggle or bargain for anything they wish to purchase. It's a tradition to do so, and refusing to bargain would offend.

Visitors to the area might also consider visiting some of the old African “Curio” stores, which are crammed with old statues and Chitengi shirts (very colorful cotton shirts); buying traditional African clothing is a must if the tourists intend to stay for any length of time.

Tourists should be careful to leave any valuables behind, and also ensure that they have a local guide to ensure that they are not vulnerable to thieves, pickpockets and swindlers.

Western Shopping

Dar es Salaam has a range of Western-like shopping malls, although they are not really similar to European or American shopping centers. The largest is Milimani city shopping center, near the University of Dar es Salaam. There are two major stores in the mall, GAME and SHOPRITE, but the mall also has other brand-name shops such as Samsonite and Samsung. Shopper’s Plaza is another shopping centre, although much busier than Milimani. The Mayfair Plaza, near the US Embassy, is a western-style center, with a supermarket, fast food places and a range of retail stores. Close by the market on Samora Avenue, there is another shopping center, Harbour View Towers, also known as JM Mall, which has a range of western-style stores, such as a supermarket, a jewellery store and clothing and CD/Video retailers.

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Quality Center Shopping Mall

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An all new and even larger Shopping Mall opened its doors to the General Public in Dar es Salaam in November 2011. Almost twice the size of Milimani Mall the Quality Center occupies almost 30,000m2 has has a range of 80 shops, including an Uchumi Hyper Market, various Banks, A Great range of Food Outlets for all tastes, 4 Screen Cineplex, Family Entertainment Center with the latest Video Games, Indoor Bowling, Snooker and Pool, Bumper Cars and Private Party Suites for hire, along with an amazing range of Clothing from Traditional, Casual, Smart and Formal at all prices to more..

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address:Box 40563

Shop Online

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Shop Online is the well known online shopping mall in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania.This store having the large variety in men's,women's items,Books,Solar Equipment,Made In Tanzania,Rai Rai Hair Supplies etc.

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tel:+255757110212, +255688110212
address:P.O. Box 105286, Dar Es Salaam

Msasani Slipway

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A small, quiet shopping center offering crafts, clothing and jewellery. Prices are high and quality is average at best. Avoid Oneway, a clothing store notorious for complaints regarding both the prducts and the staff.

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