Senior Travel in Dar es salaam

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The African nation of Tanzania is a vibrant and well-traveled location, with people from all over the world visiting and experiencing the authenticity of Africa. The port of Dar es Saalam is one that can be seen as a gateway to an African adventure of a lifetime. Seniors need not be concerned about anything, since the character of all Africans is honor and respect to the elders, no matter what nationality or color.

The people of Tanzania wear their heart on their sleeve, and this can be best experienced when the hotel room is first booked. A great place to hang the hat and stay a while is the Movenpick Hotel and Resort in Dar es Saalam. This lovely hotel is a prime location for many seniors that come to experience all that this great continent and country has to offer. The rooms are clean and the handicapped accommodations are readily available, so that even the wheel-chaired senior will be able to enjoy the landscape and excitement.

The Thrill of the National Museum

The senior adventurer will love the national Museum of Tanzania, as it offers a rare look into the many archeological and historically important discoveries that this African country is well-known for. Located in the downtown area, the museum has fossil discoveries from the Olduvai Gorge as well as a fascinating look into the historical significance of European colonialism and how that phenomena shaped Africa. This is from the perspective of the Afrikaner, and can be quite telling indeed. This is no walk through a history book, as the truth and the essential basic core principles of what colonialism meant to Tanzania, are explained in great detail. The senior adventurer will be happy looking at the many artifacts that are housed in the national Museum, and will maybe even learn a thing or two.

Kariakoo Market

The Kariakoo Market is a great place for the adventurer to end up, and has all the accommodating factors that a senior would ever need. The safe and secure environment is made that way by the ever present guards stationed throughout the complex. The senior need not be too concerned about much anything except having a great time and taking in all that is Tanzania. The best way to get around for a senior traveler will certainly be the taxi, but if walking is not too strenuous, then the downtown area can be foot-travelled, if only during the day.

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