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Another Late Night Reveller in DSM

Another Late Night Reveller in DSM


Dar es Salaam is full of CRAZY nightlife opportunities, but be warned --the scene is small and after spending a significant amount of time in the city you will discover that it's the same people in the same clubs every weekend.  This can be fun or intolerable depending on which side of the gossip you're on.

Popular clubs tend rise up with grand openings and close within months of their openings due to mismanagement of lack of economic viability. 

At the time of this writing, some of the most popular clubs are Storm, Much More, Bilicanas, Garden Bistro, Zens Bar, QBar, Bar-o-One, and Billiards. You can visit Club Maisha, which is near QBar and is open from Thursday till Sunday with bongo flavoured music and RnB.  In the direction of Slipway, you have Sweet 'n Easy, a nice club situated on a roof, with a mixed audience and live music on Fridays.  Also new in direction Kinodoni is the Irish pub, close to Eriq Amtalla's beauty salon. Don't forget to pass by Coco Beach sometime, espescially on Fridays when there are open mic sessions with local musicians.

An evening out starts with the consumption of a large plate of roast goat, chicken, beef mishkaki, or chipsi mayai and ends with the consumption of utumbo (intestine) soup with hot fresh peppers sometime around 6 or 7 am. Don't forget to order your Kili!!

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Its the Greatest Club in the Country Located at Shekilango Road along Morogorro Road in Dar es Salaam, Its comprises of Live performances, And Disco Music, Its Big Its New, and equiped with 21st century technology to make Your Night Life amazing..

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