Family Travel Ideas in Dar es salaam

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Dar es Salaam is a former coastal village which is rapidly becoming one of the largest cities in Tanzania. It is generally considered to be a stopping-off point on the way to other destinations such as Zanzibar or Kilimanjaro, but the city has a range of attractions which can make it an inviting tourist destination in its own right. Families making their way to the Serengeti might consider planning some Dar es Salaam family travel time.

Positives in Dar es Salaam

A lively and growing city, Dar es Salaam has a range of marketplaces, where tourists can practice their bargaining skills, as well as western shopping places such as Mlimani city, where bargaining is not expected. Popular tourist destinations might be the Tanzanian National Museum, which features a range of archaeological findings – very much like the British Museum in London, national treasures from history are carefully displayed here. There is also a Village museum, which is a re-creation of traditional Dar es Salaam village life.

At Kippeo Beach, it's possible to take a day trip in a wooden dhow, which is a sailing boat, to one of the Dar es Salaam islands. There are Botanical gardens and the National Stadium (a must for soccer fans). Perhaps most astonishing is the small Salsa dance community to be found in Dar es Salaam. Classes can be found in the Little Theater, or the Irish pub (Thursdays 8:30 to 11).

Negatives of Dar es Salaam Family Travel

Unfortunately, Dar es Salaam is not really attuned to families traveling to the city; while there is a wide range of nightlife spots, these are not really child-friendly, and in fact there will probably be very little for the child to do in Dar es Salaam. In addition, tap water is not safe to drink here, so water must be boiled or brought in bottles. This can be inconvenient when traveling with children.

The city has a high crime rate, and visitors have to be aware of their surroundings at all times – not suitable for families. In recent years, the rate of muggings has increased, and even those walking in small groups may be vulnerable. Children may also be exposed to swindlers, gangs or petty thieves, and being with parents is often not protection enough. At the moment, therefore, it is a nice tourist destination, but maybe for overnight, rather than as a long-term stay destination.

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