Day Trips in Dar es salaam

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The area of Dar es Salaam is busy and bustling, being the political and economic capitol of Tanzania. When you need a day away, there are many places around that can calm your hectic lifestyle.

Bagamoyo Island

Bagamoyo Island is a great starting place to head out for your outing. Just a short drive from Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo is full of cultural art and historical pieces that you can view by visiting one of its museums. The National Museum was opened in 1940 and has multiple wings. The Hall of Man displays pieces of history, including many elements found in archaeological digs from around the area. Visitors can view copies of rock paintings as well as a cast of a hominid footprint dated back 3.6 million years. The ethnographic area contains historical and cultural items, such as head dresses, traditional crafts, musical instruments and ornaments. It also provides information on such activities as hunting and gathering, traditional healing, and initiation rites. The first floor area is dedicated to presenting information about the Kilwa period, from the 9th to the 15th centuries, as well as other periods such as the colonial period, the history of the area’s local rebellions and the slave trade. This is an excellent place to learn some interesting information, while enjoying some quality time away from home.

Bagamoyo Island is also a great place to spend a day if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing time on the beach. There are numerous white, sandy beaches along the coast of Bagamoyo and transportation to the island from Dar es Salaam is quite simple. There are boats that travel from Slipway Shopping Centre directly to the island, taking all of about 30 minutes.


Sometimes you don’t have to completely leave a city to feel like you have gone on vacation. Traveling the short distance to the Gezaulole area (south of Dar es Salaam) can give you quite the similar experience. With miles of beautiful, pristine beaches full of white sand and turquoise water, bicycle tours of local neighborhoods and dhow rides, your day trip will seem like a relaxing getaway. Dhow vehicles use the wind to power them, and can take you to areas that are perfect for snorkeling.  The underwater life of Gezaulole is thriving with colorful plants and fascinating creatures.  You won’t be disappointed snorkeling around this area, but be careful of poisonous creatures that lurk about. As long as you are educated about the animals in the area, you should be fine.

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