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Situated on the West Coast of the continent of Africa, Dar es Saalam, Tanzania is a booming tourist spot. From the minute one arrives in the town of Dar es Saalam, the feel of the Big Mountain is at hand. The mountain referred to is famous Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The cruise industry of Dar es Saalam is one of the reasons why this African coastal center has become a favorite worldwide. One of the best options to showcase the diversity of Tanzania and Zanzibar’s beautiful tourist attractions are the Seaport cruises. A cruise on one of the these ships, which are based in Dar es Saalam, will take you around the beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Ngorongrro Crater, and will showcase the beauty of authentic Africa. 

Silver Sea Cruises

One of the most popular cruise lines is run by the Silver Sea Cruise line, located in Tanzania’s capital. Dar es Saalam, a fantastic Indian Ocean port of call, is considered one of the top commercial capitals of all East Africa. The picturesque harbor lies along some of the world’s most important sea routes, which makes visitors and tourists stand in awe of the impressive display of cultural and architectural influences. The friendly people of this East African location is the real reason why so many tourists flock to see what was once a home to the Sultanates. The rich history and the beautiful landscape will make for a fantastic port of call on the cruise adventure of a lifetime.  

The best method for booking a day cruise around the cape of Africa is to head on over to the local Dock master in Dar es Saalam. The process is relatively simple, with the independent sales representatives for each cruise line jockeying and positioning them to be the first that can hawk the travel plans. Do not be worried, as this is the way of the African marketer, and will not be anything physical. The best idea is to nod and say, "No thank you."

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