Tours and Excursions in Bukoba

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The town boasts a number of historical buildings near the Lake Hotel dating to the German colonial period. The University of Bukoba has more information that it may publish in future.

There are a number of nearby beaches worth a visit, including the beach near the Bukoba Club, and Bunena beach which is within walking distance of town, south of the port. The lake is infested with bilharzia, so swimming anywhere is risky, but some places are relatively safe.

There is a picturesque fishing village about a 20-minute walk from town, on the other side of the airport and Nyamukazi.

Musira Island is a short distance from the shore and accessible by boat. It has a small fishing village and is enjoyable to visit.

There are also caves and sacred forests nearby, as well as the Ibanda and Rumanyika game reserves in other districts.

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